Meet the Team

At Lella Magazine, we are a dedicated and passionate group of individuals working together to bring you the latest in celebrity news and entertainment. Get to know the faces behind our brand!

Managing Editor – Doaa Jsh

Doaa brings her expertise as a TV presenter and advertising professional to Lella Magazine. With her industry connections and keen eye for the latest trends, she ensures that our readers always have access to the hottest gossip and exclusive stories. Doaa’s leadership and creative vision guide our team to deliver the best content for our audience.


Entertainment News Editor – Vanessa Rowe

With seven years of experience in reporting and journalism, Vanessa is our go-to source for all things entertainment. Her extensive industry connections and keen eye for detail keep our readers informed and engaged. Vanessa’s passion for storytelling and her ability to spot the next big trend make her an invaluable asset to our team.

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Chief of Reporters – Omaima Albasheer

Omaima, a well-known TV presenter, leads our dynamic team of reporters. Her charisma and industry insights ensure that our coverage is always fresh and captivating. With her natural presence in front of the camera, Omaima brings a unique perspective to our editorial process, ensuring that our content resonates with our audience.



Our Talented Reporters

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We are proud to have such a diverse and talented team at Lella Magazine. Our reporters come from various backgrounds, bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to our publication. They are the driving force behind our content, always on the lookout for the latest scoop and delivering engaging stories that our readers love. 

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