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25 Places to Visit in Los Angeles This Weekend.

Where to Go in LA This Weekend, There are a few spots to explore in LA where the sun touches the horizon, and palm trees dance in the breeze. We will share with you our favorite spots to go in Los Angeles this weekend, Let’s go

Solvang’s Danish Delights

Step into the quaint streets of Solvang, where a mere two-hour drive from LA transports you to a Danish culinary wonderland. It is brimming with the innovative creations of award-winning chefs and the cozy charm of its kitschy European vibe.

Explore Solvang’s Danish delights amid Santa Ynez Valley’s windmills, savoring wine from local tasting rooms. This allows you to relish the freedom of the Old West with every bite.

Lompoc Skydiving Adventure

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar over Lompoc’s vibrant wildflower fields, embarking on a tandem skydiving adventure that promises breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience just a short drive from LA.

As you freefall along the Central Coast, you’ll glimpse the Santa Barbara shoreline before drifting down to Skydive Santa Barbara.

Later, unwind at Skyview Los Alamos, a haven for freedom seekers.

Los Olivos Wine Tastings

After experiencing the exhilarating jump at Lompoc, you’ll find the serene pace of Los Olivos’ wine tastings to be the perfect way to unwind and savor the region’s finest vintages.

Immerse yourself in the heart of wine country, where the best wine tasting awaits amidst quaint boutiques and eateries like Bob’s Well Bread.

Raise a glass at Fess Parker and toast to freedom and flavor.

Palm Springs Retro Escape

Escape to a world where sleek lines and sun-drenched hues evoke the timeless allure of the 1950s at Palm Springs Retro Escape.

Marvel at mid-century architecture, capturing a photo-worthy snapshot of nostalgia.

Soar above in a hot air balloon, embracing the vast desert skies.

Lounge at the Hilton Garden Inn’s private beach, a serene hideaway from the everyday hustle.

Joshua Tree Exploration

Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Joshua Tree National Park, a haven for adventurers seeking to scale rocky heights and uncover the mysteries of the desert under a canopy of stars.

Your Joshua Tree exploration promises freedom on a Southern California road trip like no other. Venture into Palm Canyon for hiking and mountain biking escapades that redefine the spirit of discovery.

Pasadena Cheeseburger Celebration

While exploring the rugged terrains of Joshua Tree may quench your thirst for adventure, indulging in the Pasadena Cheeseburger Celebration will satisfy your hunger with a slice of culinary history.

Savor the legacy where the cheeseburger was born, at Pasadena’s Rite Spot.

Relish in California cuisine with a twist, as restaurants can be found dishing out inventive cheeseburger creations.

Embrace the comfort food pilgrimage until January 27, 2024—vote for your favorite!

Gehry Architecture Tour

Discover the masterful creativity of Frank Gehry with a tour that takes you through the heart of Los Angeles, where his iconic designs, including the shimmering Walt Disney Concert Hall, redefine the cityscape.

Iconic DesignsLocation
Walt Disney Concert HallDowntown LA
Binoculars BuildingVenice
Gehry ResidenceSanta Monica
Grand Avenue ProjectWilshire Boulevard
The Getty CenterBrentwood

Enjoy an immersive experience as you stroll along the city’s best Gehry landmarks.

Cat Art Show Extravaganza

Step into the captivating world of the Cat Art Show Extravaganza, where a collection of 50 artists’ interpretations of our feline friends transforms the ordinary into an extraordinary tapestry of creativity.

  1. Whimsical canvases adorn the walls of chic art galleries.
  2. Sculptures that make you hip hop ’til you drop.
  3. A Victorian mansion on the main drag, near the Funk Zone, bursts with feline charm.

Immersive Darkness Sounding

Are you ready to delve into a world where sound sculpts the darkness? Los Angeles presents ‘Immersive Darkness Sounding,’ an auditory journey nestled in the hills of TreePeople’s campus.

This weekend, free your spirit in a sensory exploration with Wild Up and Feels Like Floating, where compositions from artists like claire rousay transform night into a canvas of experimental sound.

Don’t miss this unique Los Angeles soundscape experience.

Smorgasburg LA Feast

While your ears feast on the symphony of ‘Immersive Darkness Sounding,’ let your taste buds revel in a different kind of banquet at the Smorgasburg LA Feast this weekend.

Stroll past Santa Monica’s waves, toward this foodie destination.

Enjoy a laid-back happy hour with eclectic craft beers.

Indulge in gastronomic gems, from gourmet burgers to exotic international flavors.

Hip Hop Til Infinity

Immerse yourself in the vibrant story of rhythm and rhymes at the Hip Hop Til Infinity exhibition. The dynamic history of hip-hop unfolds through captivating projections and interactive elements.

Afterward, find your beat with a retreat to Big Bear Mountain. Sip on bespoke brews at Big Bear Lake Brewing, unwind at Western Big Bear Chateau, or soak in the rooftop pool of Boutique Hotel Cheval.

Mean Girls Experience

Step into the iconic world of North Shore High and channel your inner Regina George at the interactive Mean Girls Experience.

  1. Snap selfies in recreated movie scenes.
  2. Engage in themed activities with a fresh twist.
  3. Relive the film’s sassiest moments in real-time.

You’ll find plenty of freedom to explore this newly opened nostalgia fest, before unwinding at a fine Italian restaurant in the village near Descanso Beach.

Squid Game Live Challenges

After reenacting your favorite Mean Girls scenes, amp up the excitement with Squid Game Live Challenges, where you’ll face six adrenaline-filled trials ripped straight from the hit series.

Unlike the tranquil tide pools of La Jolla, these challenges near San Diego are anything but calm. You’ll need the cunning of Del Mar bettors and the agility of sea lions to outmaneuver your opponents and claim victory.

Astra Lumina Light Show

As dusk falls over the South Coast Botanic Garden, the Astra Lumina Light Show invites you into a luminous journey through a celestial-themed spectacle that transforms the night into an enchanting experience. Tucked away in an open space, the garden’s acres include:

  1. Cosmic-themed installations that weave through the foliage.
  2. Enchanting light displays that dance with the stars.
  3. Ethereal pathways that lead you on a quest for celestial wonders.

Dr. Seuss Interactive Journey

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss as the Interactive Journey brings his beloved stories to life in a vibrant, hands-on adventure perfect for the whole family.

Torrey PinesNavigate mazes of Seussian trees
Laguna BeachPaint with the colors of the sunset
Newport BeachDive into oceanic tales
San Jacinto & Mission SanAscend peaks of imagination

Judy Baca’s Artistic Legacy

From the whimsical realms of Dr. Seuss to the poignant murals by Judy Baca, Los Angeles’ artistic tapestry invites you to witness the city’s history through the vibrant colors and bold narratives of her transformative public art.

Envision the Topatopa Mountains alight with the hues of Judy Baca’s artistic legacy.

Feel the Santa Ana winds whisper tales of empowerment and justice.

Gaze where the Pacific Coast meets the canvas of state beach murals.

John Waters’ Cult Classics

Dive into the daring world of John Waters’ cult classics, where each film serves as a rebellious act against conventional cinema.

Embrace the subversive, book a room in your favorite resort town, and make your weekend trip an exploration of provocative storytelling.

Discover the iconic filmmaker’s vision, and let these unconventional treasures redefine your taste for freedom—John Waters’ way.

Abstract Art Innovations

As you savor the rebellious spirit of John Waters’ films, let that same appetite for innovation guide you to the Abstract Art Innovations exhibit, where contemporary artists redefine the essence of visual expression.

  1. Brushstrokes that challenge the rugged peaks of Los Padres National Forest.
  2. Colors swirling as boldly as the wines of Paso Robles.
  3. Sculptures reflecting the serene beauty of Mammoth Lakes’ crystal de Oro waters.

Hip-Hop America Exhibit

Step into the pulsating heart of urban culture at the Hip-Hop America: The Mixtape Exhibit. Here, the beats of DJ turntables and the rhythm of rhyme offer a dynamic journey through the history of hip-hop.

It’s one of the best things to immerse yourself in if you need a break from the mundane. Engage with an art form that’s touched every member around the globe.

Smog-Inspired Artworks

While the vibrant beats of Hip-Hop America pulse with life, the ‘Desire, Knowledge, and Hope (with Smog)’ exhibition in Downtown LA offers a stark, visually arresting reflection on the city’s battle with air pollution through the lenses of its most insightful artists.

Gaze upon the hazy silhouette of a mountain, immortalized in smog-inspired artworks.

Journey along the Santa Ana winds, captured in dusky hues and mixed media.

Traverse the urban expanse via State Route 1, reimagined in bold, provocative strokes.

Civil Rights Photo Tribute

Immerse yourself in the poignant journey of civil rights history at the Civil Rights Photo Tribute exhibition. Over 150 photographs capture the soul of a movement that reshaped America.

This weekend, witness the best visual anthology encapsulating struggles and triumphs that echo through millions of years. Engage deeply, with plenty to reflect upon, in a tribute that continues to inspire the quest for freedom.

Glenn Kaino’s Creative Market

As you reflect on the powerful images of the Civil Rights Photo Tribute, consider exploring another realm of creativity at Glenn Kaino’s Creative Market. Here, artistry and innovation converge in a vibrant display of artistic expression.

  1. Sculptural masterpieces that engage your senses as intensely as whale watching along the Pacific.
  2. Wearable art pieces, each telling a distinct story, like the layers of a complex pinot noir.
  3. Innovative designs as refreshing and crisp as a nella kitchen’s caesar salad.

Mean Girls on Stage

You won’t want to miss the hilarity and wit of ‘Mean Girls on Stage’, where Kate Berlant’s one-woman show takes comedy to new heights at the Pasadena Playhouse District.

Mammoth MountainMountain ski thrills
Horseback trailsGo horseback riding
Beachside laughsResort-style freedom
Pasadena PlayhouseBerlant’s brilliant wit
Seaside snacksFish and chips delight

Boys in the Boat Saga

Step back in time to the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where the University of Washington’s rowing team—an unlikely group of nine working-class boys—embarked on a remarkable journey that would etch their names in the annals of sports history.

The rhythmic dip and pull of oars on water.

The tense faces of determined underdogs.

A crescendo of cheers as victory is seized, against all odds.

Wonka’s World Revealed

Venture into the whimsical domain of Kate Berlant’s ‘Wonka’s World Revealed’, where the blend of humor and stream of consciousness storytelling captivates audiences at the Pasadena Playhouse District.

Whether you’re looking for a thought-provoking night out or simply a burst of laughter, this five-star show, directed by Bo Burnham, promises an unshackled experience.

It’s a must-see in LA’s comedy landscape until February 11, 2024.


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