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Mayan El Sayed: The Egyptian Actress Who’s Taking Over the World

Mayan El Sayed Personal Details

Based InCairo
SpeaksArabic (Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian), English, Learning: French

Mayan El Sayed Movies

Soon Few Hours in One of the Days2022
Al Mahkama2021
Banat Sanawy (High School Girls)2020
Harb Karmouz (The Battle of Karmouz)2018

Mayan El Sayed TV Series

Al Ekhteyar 3: Al Qarar (The Choice 3: The Decision)2022
Ella Ana (Except Me)2021
Harb Ahliya (CivilWar)2021
Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle)2021
Hajma Murtada (Counter Attack)2021
Fekra Bi Million Geneh (A Million Pounds Worth Idea)2019
El Ab El Rawhi 2 (The God Father 2)2018
Ka’eno Embarh (As If it Was Yesterday)2018
El Ab El Rawhi (The God Father)2017
Zel El Raes (The President’s Shadow)2017
Al Moghany (The Singer)2016
Abu AL Banat (Father of His Daughters)2016

Who’s Mayan El Sayed

Mayan El-Sayed is a rising star whose outstanding skill has placed her name among the most sought-after young actresses among prominent directors and stars, as proven by her noteworthy assignments over the previous two years.

The three television hits she was a part of during Ramadan 2021 were HAJMATAN MURTADA (Counterattack), directed by Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb and starring Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry; LE’BET NEWTON (Newton’sCradle), written and directed by Tamer Mohsen and starring Mona Zaki; and HARB AHLIYA (Civil War), written and directed by Sameh Abd El-Aziz and starring Yousra. She co-starred with Mahmoud Abdel Moghny in ALMAHKAMA (The Court), directed by Mohamed Amin.

She portrayed President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s daughter in the popular TV series AL EKHTEYAR 3: AL QARAR (The Choice 3: The Decision) in 2022. She was also the principal actor in the ELLA ANA tale THE DREAM OF MY LIFE.

Mayan has always had a natural talent for acting. She got into a lot of auditions when she was 16, and she ended up appearing in two shows that aired throughout Ramadan in 2016: ABU AL-BANAT, starring Mostafa Shaban, and AL-MOGHANY, starring Mohamed Mounir.

Mayan quickly gained the confidence that led to more significant roles later on, as she starred in the first season of Peter Mimi’s EL AB EL ROHI (The Godfather), followed by a role alongside Yasser Galal in ZEL EL RAEES (The President’s Shadow), which had a huge success during its premiere on TV in 2017.

Mayan made her film debut in the 2018 box office smash HARB KARMOOZ, co-starring with Amir Karara. Despite having a little role, Mayan had an outstanding performance in the film’s opening sequence, which was vital to the plot’s development. Previously, the late director Hatem Ali picked her for her outstanding performance in ZEL EL RAEES to star in his TV series KAENO EMBAREH, which was a huge success despite being released during Ramadan. Through their comments on social media channels, series fans demonstrated a deep affinity to Mayan’s position.

Following that, Mayan appeared in a number of big-budget and successful films, including MBC’s comedy series FEKRA B’MILLION GENEH and Viu’s first Arabic original, the horror series ZODIAC, before appearing in the film BANAT SANAWY in 2020.

Mayan earned the Dear Guest Award for Best Young Actress for her unforgettable parts in three TV shows that aired during Ramadan 2021. She also sang the closing song for the El-Gouna Film Festival’s fifth edition. She is also the new brand ambassador for Molped and Samsung. She also appeared in a breathtaking picture session for Elle Arabia magazine.

Mayan just wrapped production on two films: FEW HOURS IN ONE DAY, based on Mohamed Sadek’s novel of the same name and produced by El-Sobky Productions; and #GAWWEZNI, starring Amir El-Masry and directed by Essam Nassar and written by Mohamed Samir Mabrouk.

She co-starred with Yousra in the Ramadan 2023 film 1000 HAMDELLAH A’LA EL SALAMA, written by Mahmoud Zulfikar and directed by Amr Salah.

In addition, she will soon be seen in ALF LEILA WE LEILA as Gawaher, with Yasser Galal and Nour. Hossam Ali directed the series, which was scripted by Anwar Abdel-Mogith.

Mayan graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with a major in theater and film and her own graduation project, in which she embodied the leading role as Antigone – one of the heroines of ancient Greek mythology – and tried to balance her performance between drama and comedy.

Mayan El Sayed Social Media

Mayan El Sayed has a very active and popular social media presence, and she uses it to connect with her fans and to share her work and life. She has millions of followers on various platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Here are some of her social media accounts:




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