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Ahmed Malek’s Egyptian Cinema Journey as a Young Star

Ahmed Malek Personal Details

Based InCairo
SpeaksArabic (Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian), English, Pashto, Badimaya Language.

Ahmed Malek Movies

Movie TitleYear
The Swimmers2022
Kira & El Gin2022
Wahed Tani2022
Qamar 14 (Full Moon)2022
Anha (About Her)2020
The Furnace2020
Ras El Sana (New Year’s Eve)2020
El Kenz 2 (The Treasure 2)2019
Al Deif (The Guest)2019
Leil Kharegy (EXT. Night)2018
El Kwaissen (The ‘Kowess’ Family)2018
Eyar Nari (Gunshot)2018
Sheikh Jackson2017
Eshtebak (Clash)2016
Hepta: El Mohadra Al Akheira (Hepta: Last Lecture)2016
Ahwak (I Love You)2015
The Fourth Generation (Algeil Alrabea/Four G)2015
El Gezira 2 (The Island 2)2014
Geddo Habibi (Dear Grandpa)2012

Ahmed Malek TV Series

Movie TitleYear
Tahqeeq (Investigation)2022
Nasl El Aghrab (Breed of the Strangers)2021
Nemra Etnein (This Other Thing)2020
Zay El Shams (Like the Sun)2019
La Totfe’ Al Shams (The Sun Will Never Set)2017
Afrah AlQoba (Celebrations of Al-Qobba)2016
Hekayet Hayah (Story of Hayah)2013
Ma’a Sabq Alesrar (Premeditation)2012
Al-Gama’a (The Brotherhood)2010

Who’s Ahmed Malek

Ahmed Malek Mostafa is an Egyptian actor who was born on September 29, 1995. His first audition happened when he was eight years old, when his uncle took him to appear in a commercial. Malek made his television debut in the 2005 series “Ayamna el helwa” (Our Good Days). A few years later, he appeared in the film “Mafish Fayda,” alongside Moustafa Amar and Basma. Shortly after, executive director Osama Farid requested Malek to play young Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the TV series El-Gamaah (2010) (The Brotherhood), which is regarded as the then-15-year-old’s breakout role.

Malek was missing for a brief period during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, as he opted to focus on political and revolutionary action. He couldn’t say no when director Gamal Abdel Hameed gave him the role of a young Egyptian revolutionary activist in the TV series “Al-shaware’a al-khafiya” (The Backstreets), starring Jamal Soliman, Layla Olwi, Sami El-Adl, and Gihan Fadel.

Mohamed Samy, the director of Ma’a Sabq Alesrar (2012), offered Malek the part of Ahmed, a stuttering juvenile addict, in 2012. Samy recommended Malek to portray the character of a disturbed kid in his new TV series Hekayet Hayah (2013), for which he received a DG award for Best Young Actor in 2013. After seeing Malek’s outstanding performance, famous Egyptian filmmaker Sharif Arafah invited him to audition for a key part in the highly awaited sequel to his film El-Gezirah (2007). Malek rose to regional popularity in the Middle East with the sequel, The Island 2 (2014), and went on to become one of the most successful and sought-after Egyptian performers of his age. He rose to worldwide prominence after appearing in highly praised films such as Clash (2016), Sheikh Jackson (2017), and Leil Khargi (2018), all of which were chosen to represent Egypt at international film festivals and award circuits.

Concerning Ahmed Malek Ahmed Malek has been known to select various parts and personalities throughout his career, which put him apart from his colleagues when producers sought to cast someone his age. SHEIKH JACKSON, CLASH, HEPTA: THE LAST LECTURE – which was a box office and film festival hit – and LA TOTTFE’ AL SHAMS TV series, which was one of the most-watched TV shows during Ramadan 2017. Ahmed Malek is a young actor who is continually honing his talent and branching out. This is how he broke into the entertainment world. When he was in first grade, his uncle took him to an audition for a TV commercial, and since then, performing in front of the camera and appearing on TV have been his favorite hobbies. He began by starring in one TV commercial after another till he made his acting debut in Ali Abdel-Khalek’s AHLAMNA AL-HILWA (2005) TV series. Three years later, he made his big-screen debut with a minor role in Hatem Farid’s IT’S HOPELESS (2008). The young boy’s professional career began with director Mohamed Yassin, who cast him as young Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the television smash THE BROTHERHOOD (2010), in which Malek grabbed the public. He participated in Gamal Abdel Hamid’s BACK STREETS (2011) and Ali Edries’ GEDDO HABIBI (2012), and he still thinks he’s playing pretend while he’s truly discovering his skill as an actor. Malek has reached a new level, emerging as a rising young star in great demand. He co-starred in two TV series, MA’A SABQ ALESRAR (2012) and HEKAYET HAYAH (2013), with Egyptian actress Ghada Abdelrazek and director Mohamed Samy. He worked with director Mohamed Samy on the films REGATTA (2015) and AHWAK (2015). Malek was later cast in Sherif Arafa’s mega hit THE ISLAND 2 (2014) and Ahmed Nader Galal’s film THE FOURTH GENERATION (2015), both directed by Ahmed Nader Galal. Malek felt ready to chose parts that would allow him to demonstrate his tremendous acting skills after acquiring some experience, so he began seeking for more challenging characters. He played Mans in the 2016 film CLASH, which premiered in the Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section. Mans is an underprivileged young guy who is taking part in public protests for the first time in his life. Malek’s portrayal of Mans was unlike any other role he had done previously, which startled the audience. To make Mans more enticing, Malek came up with the concept of making him a wedding DJ. He played a character that was very different from Mans and his environment in the film HEPTA: THE LAST LECTURE. HEPTA: THE LAST LECTURE was a big hit, becoming Egypt’s highest-earning romance picture, grossing more than EGP 27 million. He appeared in Mohamed Yasine’s AFRAH AL QOBA during Ramadan 2016. Malek’s performance in the TV series LA TOTFE’ AL SHAMS the following Ramadan season enthralled fans and created a buzz on social media. Malek hailed the connection between himself and director Mohamed Shaker Khodeir as “The Key” to the success of this TV series. Malek approaches Khodeir, his thoughts racing with questions as he carefully examines his part. After listening to Malek’s queries, he asks if he wants answers or ‘The Key,’ to which Malek responds with ‘The Key,’ which is a short-summarized line that defines precisely what is expected of the actor, which Malek thoroughly comprehended. Malek also acted in Amr Salama’s SHEIKH JACKSON, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and was later shown at the BFI London Film Festival and the El Gouna Film Festival. Egypt’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2018 Academy Awards was this film. Malek won the Best Support Actor Award at the 44th Egyptian Film Association Festival for this role. During the 14th Dubai International Film Festival, Malek was one of five potential Arab actors and filmmakers in the Arab actors of Tomorrow Program. His film NIGHT/EXT made its international debut at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, where Malek was named one of the five Arab stars of tomorrow by Screen International. He was also chosen for TIFF’s 2018 Rising Stars Program. NIGHT/EXT earned considerable critical acclaim and was termed “the new hope for Egyptian cinema” in the festival’s newsletter following its Arab world debut at the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF). The film was also shown at the Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco. Malek has appeared in several box office hits, including THE GUEST and GUNSHOT (2018). Through these films, Malek was able to reintroduce himself to viewers while maintaining his former position as a professional young actor, but with more profound and mysterious characteristics. One of his 2020 projects is NEW YEAR, which had its world debut at the Marrakech International Film Festival. Mohamed Sakr directed it, while Mohamed Hefzy, the producer, authored it. Following that, he made his international debut alongside noted Australian actor David Wenham in Roderick MacKay’s feature film debut THE FURNACE. Malek was nominated for an AACTA Award for Best Lead Actor for his performance in the role.

The film made its global debut at the Venice International Film Festival and will have its Arab world premiere in 2020 at the El Gouna Film Festival. The film garnered a lot of favorable feedback and placed well on Google searches. Variety called it “breathtaking and pleasant,” the Guardian called it a “Western film with the strength of aged leather and the richness of gold,” and Screen Daily called Malek “an eye-catching Malek in the character of Hanif.” ABOUT HER, which made its global debut at the Cairo International Film Festival, starred Malek. Malek also co-starred with celebrity Menna Shalaby in the AWEL EMBAREH episode of the TV drama series NEMRA ETNEEN (NUMBER TWO), and he was acknowledged by GQ Middle East with the Breakthrough Actor in 2020 Award in appreciation of his journey and exceptional achievements during the year. He was also featured on the cover of the magazine, which featured some of the world’s most prestigious fashion businesses, such as Hermès and Dior. Malek’s cooperation with GQ MiddleEast is his second; the magazine previously published an interview with the young star headlined “Ahmed Malek is About to Go.” Malek also spoke on the Arab Stars of Tomorrow session at the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival. Malek was chosen to serve on the jury for the Short Film Competition at the 2nd El Gouna Film Festival and the Realtime Competition at the Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival. He also revealed the winners of the Feature Film Competition (GMFF) of the 3rd Global Migration Film Festival. Furthermore, in 2021, Malek featured in BIMBO, an eight-episode Shahid series written by Mohamed Adeeb and directed by Amr Salama. The show included an all-star cast, including Huda El Mufti and Wegz. He also participated in Aroma’s 13-episode TV drama INVESTIGATION, which broadcast on the WATCHIT platform. He also starred alongside Shereen Reda, Yasmine Ra’eis, and Khaled El Nabawy in Hadi El Bagoury’s film QAMAR 14. It was first shown at the sixth Gouna Film Festival before being distributed in Egyptian cinemas. He appeared in a Ramadan commercial series videos with “Badya” real estate in 2022. Furthermore, the same year, Malek featured in KIRA & EL GEN, a film directed by Marwan Hamed and based on Ahmed Mourad’s best-selling novel 1919. Ahmed Malek also starred in Ahmed Helmy’s social-comedy film ANOTHER ONE, which premiered on Eid El Fitr 2022. Later same year, Malek featured in Netflix’s THE SWIMMERS, a film based on the actual tale of Syrian refugee sisters Yusra and Sara Mardini, who made it to the Olympics. Sally El Hossainy, an Egyptian-British director, directed the film, which she co-wrote with British screenwriter Jack Thorne. THE SWIMMERS also premiered at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the BFI London Film Festival, and the 44th Cairo International Film Festival in the Middle East. THE SWIMMERS was one of the nominees for Outstanding British Film of the Year at the 2023 BAFTA Awards. The video serves as an encouraging reminder of the persistence of the human spirit. MATAR, the latest film by campaigner Hassan Akkad, who earned a BAFTA for his BBC documentary EXODUS: OUR JOURNEY TO EUROPE, is now accessible on WatchBear Network. MATAR shows how tough it is for asylum seekers to survive on London’s perilous streets, as well as for thousands of migrants to live in our nation. Ayman Alhussein, a Syrian refugee and cinematographer, inspired the writing. Malek appears with BAFTA nominees Youssef Kerkour (HOUSE OF GUCCI, HOME) and Elmi Rashid Elmi (DUNE) in the film. Following the release of his most recent film, Malek appeared in Cartier’s Ramadan campaign opposite Dhafer L’Abidine and Tara Emad. The campaign combined Egyptians’ love of Ramadan riddles (Fawazir) with the equally popular game of charades, with each of them acting out a word as casually as possible in less than a minute, allowing the audience to guess what the campaign was all about. In addition, Malek is filming a new BBC project called BOILING POINT with Stephan Graham, which is based on the film and follows the unrelenting strain that builds up in a restaurant kitchen as a head chef wrangles his workers on the busiest day of the year.




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