How a Small Mistake Led to Big Rewards: Man Pays Off Two Years of Mortgage with Fenty Beauty


Arizona Man Pays Off Two Years of Mortgage Thanks to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Promotion

When Rihanna launched a line of body shimmer through her Fenty Beauty brand, little did she know that it would help one of her fans pay off his mortgage. Christian Mosco, a 29-year-old software engineer from Arizona, was browsing the Fenty Beauty website when he decided to buy some Fairy Bomb Shimmer Powder as a gift for his girlfriend. However, he accidentally purchased 20 of them for a total of $430 instead of just one, due to a glitch on the website.

At first, Mosco was frustrated by his mistake, but a few days later, he received an email from Fenty Beauty informing him that he had won the grand prize of $10,000 in a promotion that offered shoppers a chance to win the amount if they spent $50 or more. Mosco’s $430 purchase had put him well over that threshold, and he had unknowingly entered the competition.

Mosco couldn’t believe his luck when he found out that he had won the grand prize. He immediately used the prize money to pay off his mortgage, estimating that he had paid off about two years’ worth of mortgage payments. “I feel pretty grateful. I think it was a good stroke of luck,” Mosco said. “It definitely feels like I got rewarded for something good.”

As for the 20 Fairy Bombs he accidentally bought, Mosco plans to keep them all and give them out as Christmas gifts.

Mosco’s story shows how a small mistake can sometimes lead to a big reward. Thanks to Fenty Beauty’s promotion and Rihanna’s popularity, Mosco was able to pay off a significant portion of his mortgage and is now debt-free.


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